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Twice Orphaned

The film will be available for viewing starting Sunday 18.4 at 20:00 in the evening for 48 hours.

The zoom talk with creator Noa Roth will take place on Tuesday, April 20 at 9:00 p.m.Exactly in the evening.

 The film will be available between

Thursday, May 18th 20:00  - Thursday, May 25 23:00 ​

Zoom Q&A on Sunday, May 21th 20:00 (UTC +2) 


Documentary\ 57 minutes\ 2016\ Israel \Hebrew

Avraham, Ziggy, Schreiber and Robinson form the uncrowned governing council of the “Teheran Children.” The four represent 217 Holocaust orphans who are now bringing legal action against the State of Israel for funds received from Germany for their rehabilitation.
In their old age, they have set out to battle the State of Israel, a state which they  helped establish through their own hard work.  The confrontation with the State brings up painful childhood memeries, but the long  years spent struggling for their rights, have transformed them into a group surrounded by love, a shared fate, and consolation.

המלחמה האחרונה של ילדי טהרן (1).tif
Twice orphaned 2.tif

Register to watch the movie "Twice Orphaned" and a Zoom meeting - with filmmaker Talila Frank
* Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email with a link to the movie viewing page and another link to the Zoom meeting.
*Our emails are sometimes sent to the sales promotions/spam box.
*If you haven't received an email after registrating, please try to fill up the form again.
The screening is open to everybody! - Everyone is invited! Payment for the screening and lecture is optional, each one pays according to their will and ability and is intended to support the filmmaker &  our work, to help us bring the film to as many viewers as possible. Thank you!

Director: Talila Frank

Producer: Talila Frank

Cinematographer: Daniel Bar

Editor: Sima Sedero–Peled. Animation: Boaz Ofer

Soundtrack Editor: Itzik Cohen

Original Soundtrack: Roy Yarkoni

Supporter(s): The New Fund for Cinema and Television

Script: Talila Frank

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